Summer Abundance

It's been a full and busy summer at Cobb Hill. All the things that signify summer on a Vermont Farm have happened in due course: swimming in the pond, making hay, watching the wildflowers progress from bloodroot all the way through to goldenrod. There have been pot-lucks and community meals, birthday parties (including an elegant mermaid cake), 4th of July fireworks, blueberries, raspberries, and corn on the cob.

There have been some farewell parties and U-haul loadings as several families have left Cobb Hill. Some after 15 years - imagine all the memories and gratitudes and intertwined relationships! And two young women who have grown up at Cobb Hill have just headed off to start their first years of college - more celebration, and more bittersweet feeling,  for sure. 

And, best of all for me, has been the welcoming of new families into the pattern of life here and the fun of watching parents and kids discover some of the richness of this place - whether it's rip-sticking in the basement of the Common House or having the whole community march up the hill to share your birthday cake on your fifth birthday!

Posts on this blog have been a little sparse of late - attributable to summer abundance of course! But school starts next week, and with the wind down of summer you can expect more frequent updates.