Cobb Hill CoHousing

Community, Land, Farm, Sustainability

Cobb Hill by the Numbers

23 families and around 65 people, with a span of eighty years between the youngest and the oldest

3 apartments, 6 duplexes, 8 single homes

270 acres of forest, pasture, and agriculture soils in Hartland, Vermont

50 Jersey cows, 30 sheep, one Llama who guards the sheep, 4 Norwegian Fjord horses, 50 chickens, 240,000 honey-bees

17,000 lbs of cheese is made each year

26 varieties of vegetables are grown on the farm

425 lbs of shiitake mushrooms harvested each summer

450 gallons of maple syrup boiled each year

8 dogs, 5 cats, 3 bunnies, and many goldfish

67 bird species identified here this year/128 species since 2003

And so much more...