Sheep Escape

The sheep relax in fresh pasture, not long after their adventure!

How long does it take for a crowd of neighbors to arrive to help round up  a flock of escaped sheep?

About 5 minutes, it turns out.

This evening we looked up from dinner to see the llama strolling across the road with the sheep moving swiftly, not far behind her. Then we saw Hal, jogging in their direction pretty swiftly himself!

By the time we put our shoes on and headed down the hill, a dozen or so neighbors had gathered and organized themselves into a moving human fence, blocking off the most likely routes of escape. The assortment of folks included Bill on his bicycle, a few boys who broke off from a soccer game, and Caitlin, not much taller than the biggest sheep herself but very determinedly standing her ground.

We steadily encouraged the sheep back to the gap in the fence, and Don quickly erected a new fence across the gap. Ten minutes after our first glimpse of the loose llama, we were back at our dinner.

We don’t always solve problems here with quite that combination of collective intelligence and good luck, but it sure is fun when it happens!