The Skills and Approaches of Multisolvers: Our Research Agenda at COP-21

What is the secret ingredient behind some of the most innovative and promising approaches to climate change, approaches that protect the climate for the long term while increasing health, well-being and equity today?

We think it’s a particular type of leader – one who is able to implement solutions that solve multiple problems for the same investment of time and money, and I am off to Paris and COP-21 to test and refine our thinking.

COP-21 provides a focusing point for tens of thousands of change agents from around the world. Within the official venue – as well as at hundreds of events outside of it – these thinkers and doers are gathering to share their work with one another. Among these thousands of people, we know that there are very many multisolvers:

  • Public health experts promoting climate-protecting policies that also improve health.
  • Indigenous leaders who are showing how the management of their forests keeps cultures alive, provides sustainable livelihoods and sequesters carbon.
  • City leaders creating low carbon cities and saving money at the same time.
  • And more!

We love tracking and sharing these examples, and expect to bring many more back from Paris.