Harvest Celebration

On Sunday we had a day harvest celebration. We started off, in the below freezing temperatures, with cider pressing and scarecrow making, then moved the newly painted chicken coop into its winter location near the barns. Of course, a good chicken coop moving needs some celebration, so Alan (painter-in-chief of the coop) and Ruth served up some root beer float in the Common House. Dinner was pot-luck with the 'rule' that all the dishes had to be composed of ingredients grown at Cobb Hill (with the exception of salt and spices). From baked beans to corn bread to a multitude of winter squash concoctions the food was bountiful, varied and delicious. And we finished off the day with singing, drumming and hanging out in the den, munching on popcorn which was (you guessed it!) grown at Cobb Hill. I'm looking forward to next year's harvest celebration already!